Monday, February 26, 2018
By Dave Reyno Photography

Hello and welcome to our new blog! 

First off, to all the followers of my old blog that have not heard from me in two years I promise to do better keeping you updated on what's new here at Dave Reyno Photography. The last couple of years have been busy and to be 100% honest, I have been too busy to blog. Fast forward 2+ years - the sky has not fallen and business is busier than ever! That said, this year I am making some positive changes starting with adding to this blog:) 2018 marks the ten year anniversary of Dave Reyno Photography providing quality photography from our home in Bedford (Halifax) Nova Scotia and it has taken us to all of the Atlantic provinces! 

Look for big changes coming soon to our wedding page at : It has been at least 3 years since our last big wedding website update and both Pam and I are looking forward to sharing that with you!

Speaking of 2018, Kerrianne and Jarvis are one of our 2018 clients but we made it out last Fall to catch some colours for their engagement session. Since the Fall is my favourite time of the year, and these two are not only great to photograph but also a ton of fun, I thought they would be the perfect couple to start out our new blog format! 



Thursday, August 04, 2016
By Dave Reyno Photography

A couple of weeks ago the skies opened up then this happened!